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Exporters : Food Processing Industries, Merchant Exporters assorted Exporters Consultancy/SERVICES : Field of Food Processing Industries Aseptically packed- Pulp and Concentrated , Puree (Tomato, all Fruits, Advanced Aseptic, Vegetables proce...

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Engineering Services


Exporters: Food Processing Industries, Merchant Exporters assorted

Exporters Consultancy/SERVICES: Field of Food Processing Industries

Aseptically packed- Pulp and Concentrated,

Puree (Tomato, all Fruits, Advanced Aseptic,

 Vegetables processing /dehydration,

 small plants-pilot, automatic ketchup line,

 candied fruit line, the making of fruit Jam,

 preparation of fruits nectars’,

 vegetable sauces, Cold Chain,

 IQF line,

 Tunnel Freezer,

 spiral freezer,

 Blast Freezer,

 Plate Freezer etc,


 Marine & Meat products,

 horticulture industry,

Export and Import Products etc.

 Cold Chain –Cold storage,

Refer van, CA Storage,


Milk Processing, etc.

          Others : Biotech,

Corrugated ,


Plastic Moulded Industry,

 Common Effluent Treatment Plant,

Electronic equipment etc.

Dealing turnkey consultancy services in Food processing / other industries and hand holding services till commission.

Our services in following areas:

• Turnkey consultancy & Engineering

• Project Identification and pre- feasibility studies -Pre-feasibility Reports

• Preparation of Cluster Development Documents in Food processing

• Preparation of detailed Project profile or Techno-Economic Feasibility Report

• If required Technology Transfer

• Project Execution

• Preparation of tender documents and RFD(Result Frame Documents)

• Erection, Commissioning, and trail run.

• Participatory Rural / Urban appraisals.

• Monitoring and Evaluation of projects.

• Infrastructural Development Studies

• Turnkey Industrial Projects Consulting

• Technical Feasibility & Financial Viability Study for the Industrial Projects.

• Selection of location for the Industrial project.

• Technology Know-how & sourcing of the indigenous technology

• Plant lay out, Setting up Plant, Erection & Installation

• Advocacy & General Legalities

• Documentation

• Brand Registration

• Land Title Clearance & conversion in to Non Agriculture

• Environment Clearance & Designing Green Industry

• Valuation of the Brand & Fixed Assets

• Financial Consulting

• Financial Planning and Management

• Support for Lone Syndications including Term Loan, Fund Based and Non Fund Based Working Capital Limits.

• Internal Audit & Cash Flow Monitoring

• Support for SME Stock Exchange Listing

• Industrial Project Term Loan from Nationalized banks.

• Sourcing Equity and FDI for Industrial Projects

• Marketing and Branding Support

• Market Research & Exploration for the Green Field Projects.

• Sourcing Foreign Market Tie-ups & Buy-back agreements.

• Market Survey reports for Products & services.

• Future Marketing Strategies and Growth Plans

• Support for the Branding and Lunching of new Products.

• Project Management Consultancy

• Feasibility Study.

• Preparation of Detail Project Report (DPR).

• Monitoring of Project Activity.

• Support for In-Time Completion of Project.